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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Jacksonville Domestic Violence Lawyers

Your Trusted Ally in Domestic Violence Claims

At The Quick Law Group, we believe that a swift action is the absolute best possible choice when it comes to resolving domestic violence disputes. If you are a victim, you can rest assured that we support you with compassionate understanding and strong legal guidance, including domestic violence injunctions or restraining orders to ensure your safety.

On the other hand, if you have been accused of domestic violence, we can work equally hard to uncover the entire truth of the claim to make sure false allegations do not turn into criminal penalties. With more than 38 years of combined experience in dealing with domestic violence cases, we are skilled at handling legal matters with sensitivity, discretion, and diligence.

Our Jacksonville domestic violence lawyers are ready to advocate for your rights! Schedule a consultation call our Jacksonville office at (904) 241-0012, or our Winter Park office at (407) 278-5420.

Requesting an Injunction for Your Case

If you are protecting yourself or your children from abuse, you cannot afford to take any chances. With our firm by your side, we can help you get the protection that you need for an appropriate length of time in order to keep your family safe.

Below are some of our goals in getting an injunction:

Your spouse must move out of your home
Your spouse cannot come within 500 feet of you
Your spouse is subjected to arrest if he or she violates the injunction

Our Jacksonville domestic violence attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that the domestic violence injunction that is awarded is one that the court will be able to enforce.

Defending Against an Injunction

If you are being threatened with a domestic violence injunction, you must understand that the consequences can affect many aspects of your life. It is important to take this matter seriously, even if you feel you are innocent. Appealing an injunction is an expensive and time-consuming matter. Our approach is to yield positive results from the outset to avoid unnecessary court costs and time.

We Have the Resources to Validate Your Claim

Domestic violence and false allegations of abuse are frightening. They are also inexcusable. With The Quick Law Group as your attorneys, you can rest assured that the evidence needed to support your claim or innocence is thoroughly investigated and properly presented in court.

To discuss your situation with one of our Jacksonville domestic violence attorneys, schedule a consultation when you call.

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