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Jacksonville Spousal Support Attorney

We Can Help You Fight for Fair & Equitable Alimony

As attorneys in Florida with years of experience in divorce and alimony proceedings, the team at The Quick Law Group can help you fight for fair and equitable spousal support in a divorce. Whether you are the spouse paying the alimony or the spouse receiving it, we have represented spouses on both sides of the situation and are prepared to walk you through the alimony process with confidence.

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The Spousal Support Process

Since there is no such thing as a standard alimony proceeding, our Jacksonville spousal support lawyers begin by fully examining all aspects of your case. The goal of alimony is for the receiving spouse to be able to maintain a lifestyle similar to the one that he or she enjoyed while married and may come in many forms such as, temporary, bridge-the-gap, permanent, durational, lump sum, and rehabilitative.

The type and amount of your alimony are determined by the following:

Financial need of the receiving spouse
The giving spouse’s ability to pay
Length of the marriage
Standard of living during the marriage
Vocational skills of both partners
Age and health of both spouses

Your alimony agreements can be modified after final judgments are made if circumstances change, such as the paying spouse’s retirement or the receiving spouse entering into a supportive relationship with another individual.

What Our Firm Can Do For You

Our Jacksonville alimony attorneys can help you determine your eligibility, amount of alimony, duration of alimony, and any necessary modifications if your case needs to be re-evaluated in the future. You can trust that we are committed to staying informed about the changes in alimony laws and how they could affect women who receive alimony now, and those who should receive it in the future.

To learn more about our alimony services, request a consultation. Legal representation for women, by women.

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